Text: Barbara Kosmowska

Illustrations: Emilia Dziubak


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania niezłe ziółko


104 pages


16,8 x 22 cm


Rights sold: Russia, Lithuania, Turkey

English translation sample available


Eryk hasn’t spent much time with “Little Grandma” so far, but he’s looking forward to her moving in with him. Because no one else can listen to his problems and talk about faraway journeys. And – most importantly – no one gets the boy as she does. But sometimes things don’t go the way we wanted. Suddenly Eryk’s life becomes empty and everything that used to make him happy is causing enormous pain, from which he can’t escape even to his tree house. Does he really need to escape?

Isn’t the gift of wisdom that Little Grandma gave him enough to find self-esteem, new friends and the bright side of growing up? A beautiful, heart-warming story about searching and finding the greatest treasure of childhood – believing in yourself and respecting others.