Text: Ewa Solarz

Illustrations:  Robert Czajka


84 pages

23,4 x 29,7 cm






Earthlings is a report on the Earth compiled by aliens.

Using this humorous concept, the authors present information about Earth (one of an infinite number of planets) and its inhabitants (not as unique as they would like to think they are) in an objective way using numerical data, avoiding judgements and analyses.

The aliens have the Earth’s statistics at their disposal, and sometimes also refer to historical information that allows them to see the changes in the lives of Earth’s inhabitants.

The book shows readers that diversity is common and natural and that what seems normal in Europe may be extremely rare on other continents; it is intended to teach tolerance and understanding. The book is an invitation to reflect together, to think about who we–Earthlings–are and how we treat our planet.

The short, easy-to-remember and thematically grouped snippets of information about Earthlings are accompanied by brilliant, highly amusing illustrations which interpret the content of the notes from the cosmic report in a twisted and humorous way.