Concept: Aleksandra Brambor-Rutkowska

Illustrations:  Paweł Mildner


22 pages

18 x 18 cm

Board book



Books for the youngest ones about soup, washing and walking.

They stimulate the development and natural curiosity of the child. Everyday stories are told with humour, tenderness and the utmost attention to detail.

For a small child, everything in the world is new and fascinating. Even the soup!

Eye – contrasting illustrations stimulate eyesight and the ability to focus attention on the object

Ear – onomatopoeic words support the child’s sensitivity to sounds and activate phonemic hearing.

Mouth – simple words practice articulation and develop vocabulary.

Hand-gripping the book, pointing and tracking with the finger develop manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

Brain – the activity of the body and senses creates new neural connections – the brain develops.