Text:  Zofia Stanecka

Illustrations:  Marianna Sztyma



136 pages


13 x 18 cm




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After „Lotta” Zofia Stanecka presents to us a new canine protagonist, f

Rascal is strong name that reflects the spirit of the dachshund. Because anyone who has lived under one roof with a dachshund knows that these are dogs that cannot be underestimated.

Rascal joint Sophie’s family during a particularly difficult time—right after the martial law in Poland in 1981. It was then a little, chunky puppy, but almost immediately filled the whole house and the hearts of all residents with its personality.

It became a comforter in hardships and a companion in joys and sorrows. It could be a rascal, but also a fearless, faithful friend. In its small dachshund body, it carried an unyielding character.

It used to bark with a deep voice, had its own opinion on everything, and loved in his way. It was a dog that you not only love but also respect.

The story of Tascal takes the reader back to the 80s of XX century. It tells about friendship—humans and canine. It shows that even in the toughest times, dachshund love is like a cup of warm tea on a cold day.

Rascal is a real character, the first long-awaited dog of the author, her faithful buddy from elementary school days. And we all know that with the first dog, it’s like with the first love—you never forget them!