Text: Aga Nuckowski

Illustrations:  Aleksandra Szwajda



56 pages

20,5 x 25.7 cm






It’s nice to be a Bubsy, to have time to play and slowly discover the world. With a child’s enthusiasm to want or not want something very much, to experience life with all the senses, to make mistakes, to experience emotions and always to be able to hide in the safe arms of parents.

Bubsy and Spring – The life of a little pig is made of ordinary days, during which ordinary-extraordinary things happen. Spring has come! The dump truck dumps the soil brought to the vegetable garden, the peacock on the farm loses a feather, and the cousin eats the spring mud soup!

Bubsy and Summer – Niunius goes to the real sea for the first time. And by train – also a real one! On vacation, there is a tent, a bonfire, baked apples and even mosquitoes. There’s also a storm coming! But most of all there is the sea: big, roaring and so wet. And lots of emotions. Let’s jump together with Niunius on this summer adventure.

Bubsy and an Unpleasant Man – Bubsy is going to a real museum for the first time and will see real dinosaurs, and more importantly: real dinosaur bones! He is very excited and shows it with all his being. Unfortunately, the guard keeps only saying what is not allowed and what is necessary, he looks askance and silences the children. What will Niuniusia’s dad do about it?

Bubsy is waiting for Christmas – Mom says that the best thing about Christmas is the anticipation. Daddy thinks that food is the best. And Bubsy, like every little child, simply experiences everything that happens around him with his whole being.