Text: Adam Wajrak

Illustrations:  Tomasz Samojlik


128 pages


24,5 x 195 cm



Great fun, hilarious dialogues, a good portion of knowledge about nature, and a mission that can change the city for the better! Keep your fingers crossed for the solution to the mystery!

Detective Sparoow and A Broken Wing

Something suspicious is going on, citizens birds!

The sparrows in town chirp that things have turned dangerous. Out of nowhere, birds have started falling from the sky. Who is attacking them: falcons, crows, sparrowhawks? How do we find the culprit in the urban jungle? This is a bigger issue. A case for a real detective, Detective Sparrow.

Whatever it lacks in experience it compensates with enthusiasm, it is accompanied by the curious boreal owl Borealla.

Detective Sparrow and A Poisoned Peak

In the grim city of crime, no one can be trusted. Someone is selling tasty but deadly food. A bird gangster is taking over the area. Even law enforcement pigeons are involved in criminal activities. But is poisoning sparrows, pigeons, ducks, and swans just about greed?

Detective Wróbel must act quickly. And incognito!

One of the victims, Ananana the duck, comes to the detective’s aid. Will they be able to warn the greedy birds about the danger and save the city?