Text: Anna Paszkiewicz

Illustrations: Katarzyna Walentynowicz


32 pages


17 x 18  cm leporello





Philosophical fairy tale. A metaphorical story about thoughts that turn into ideas and then into actions. About the strength of community, about the need for closeness and friendship.

When a thought appears over the archipelago, none of the children living there expects that this is the beginning of changes. Lonely and distant from each other, they are waiting for someone who will give them hope. Seeing their sadness and confusion, the thought decides to look at them closely. Suddenly it becomes an idea, and then a dream…

It is worth building bridges between people because nothing can replace the time spent with another person. Although we have many differences, we also have many things in common. We are like drops of water – apart from each other we remain only small drops. Only together we create an ocean.