Text & Illustrations:  Marianna Oklejak



64 pages

Board book

24 x 27 cm

(Egmont Art)

Rights sold: English (US/Canada), French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese complex

White Ravens 2018


Polish folk tradition is also available for translation.


Two brothers set off on a long journey in search of happiness.

The world is as full of surprises as traps, and the inhabitants of the forest depths are not always as hospitable as you might wish.

Fairies, wild animals, a witch, dwarves, and Rokita the devil!

Heroes from fairy and folk tales alternately make the boys’ journey easier or harder.

Embark on an adventure with the brave brothers, help them defeat evil and find what matters most…

Strain your eyes, and sharpen all your senses!

Help the two brothers to find their way out by solving riddles, spotting differences in the pictures and meandering through mazes.