Text: Cezary Harasimowicz

Illustrations: Marta Kurczewska



160 pages


16,5 x 21,6  cm





An extraordinary tale of wild animals, good and bad people, and what is most precious – freedom.

Tigre is the star of Circus Paradiso. Every night, crowds of spectators applaud his show-stopping leaps through a flaming hoop. When one day the tiger revolts, the circus director decides to sell him…

Tigre finds himself in a truck, soon discovering that he is not alone in it. There are more animals like him in that car! What will happen to them? What fate awaits them?

Reading this book is a great opportunity for inspiring conversations on many relevant topics (e.g. the treatment of animals, the need for proper conditions, freedom, emotions, or actions that can be taken to improve the welfare of animals).

„Everyone sits in a cage of some kind and they must escape from this cage at some point.”

The poetic language of Cezary Harasimowicz and the moving illustrations by Marta Kurczewska will make the story of the tiger stay in your heart forever.

The book has been inspired by real events: the stoppage of an illegal tiger transport at the Polish-Belarusian border in 2019.