Text: Krystyna Miłobędzka

Illustrations:  Iwona Chmielewska


All ages

56 pages


20,4 × 26,4 cm





Included in the Children’s Books Museum’s Treasure List 2014

lst prize in Dobre Strony 2014 competition in the category: book for young readers.


“On a mountain very high / there’s a tree big to the sky / and it’s called Aplee – Paplee – Blitee – Blau – and who cannot say it / has to leave right now” – these are the words of an old, popular children’s counting-out rhyme but in the book by Krystyna Miłobędzka and Iwona Chmielewska they become the beginning of a story about the world, language, transformations, life, and time passing.

On a mountain very high is an incredible encounter of two renowned and unique authors – one of the most notable contemporary poets and creators of picture books respectively. It is a book about the origins of our perception of the world. Full of mystery and understatements, it escapes an unambiguous interpretation.