Text: Tomasz Kędra

Illustrations: Gabriela Gorączko



40 pages


18,5 x 26 cm





 The Book of the Year 2020 – The graphic distinction  by the Polish Section of IBBY

The Most Beautiful Books of the Year 2020 award by the Polish Books Publishers Association – nomination in the category of books for children and youth.


Meet the inhabitants of the Pointed Forest whose life has its rhythm. For animals, time is determined by old traditions and everyday life.

In the harmony of the forest, there is also a place for eternal disputes, but these resemble only ritual skirmishes – the real danger comes suddenly and from afar…

One day, an unscrupulous man enters the natural world.

„Where there is no division, but connection, stupidity ends” – a truth as old as the world, and what is worse, still valid.

Two feuding forest clans of Beavers and Badgers, somewhere in the Bieszczady Mountains, do not even remember what they are fighting for. The common threat – humans – will lead to an agreement.

The visual layer of the book is a free variation of folk art patterns of universal origin.

The Forest Affair is a story about not keeping a grudge for too long. Before you know it, it can go on for generations and develop into bizarre traditions and habits.

And as happens with intriguing stories, this book can be read in different ways. Readers will find an ecological commitment to nature conservation and many other contemporary problems here.