Text: Artur Kurasiński

Illustrations:  Tomasz Minkiewicz



120-208 pages


20 x 28 cm





This is a unique comic series about SCIENCES, TECHNOLOGY and PROGRAMMING

It explains in a simple and at the same time wise way, complicated matters related to science and technology, among others: what is cybersecurity, biotechnology, global warming, fake news, circular economy or statistics, how to become an online creator, mathematics and statistics, role-playing games etc.

The comics also aim to encourage especially girls to be interested in seemingly only „boyish” things.

The comic’s main character is Rose, a girl very curious about the world that surrounds her (including the digital one) and thanks to her parents and friends’ help, she learns fascinating things about it.

Because the author does not think he has eaten all the brains, he invited super experts to help him explain complicated issues to kids in simple language!

The perfect tool for girls and boys to help your child learn to program in Scratch!