Text:  Anna Tyczyńska-Skowrońska

Illustrations:  Agata Dudek & Małgorzata Nowak


64 pages


24 x 33 cm


 Rights sold: Germany, Chinese simplified, Ukrainian

Options: Spanish, Catalan, French, , French.


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After WIND, WATER AND FIRE, it is time for EARTH, the final volume of the ecological series on the elements!

When you eat strawberries or fries, you’re probably not wondering where they came from and how they ended up on your plate.

Meanwhile, where potatoes and other vegetables grew is of great importance to you, because all the plants you eat get their nourishment from the ground. If it’s contaminated, both plants and animals grazing on them will be contaminated.

And then you’ll also eat the harmful substances!

In this book, you will learn more about Earth and its epidermis – the soil. How was our blue globe created? How has it changed and is it still changing? What treasures does it hide? How does man use them?

If we wanted to reach the Earth’s center, we would have to travel over 6 thousand kilometers, face molten rock, and have a temperature of up to 6,000°C.

The Earth is, on the one hand, the planet on which we live, and on the other, the soil that feeds us and the ground on which we walk.