Text: UrszulaMłodnicka-Kornaś

Illustrations: Agnieszka Waligóra


136 pages


22,8 x 20,5 cm




The best-selling series in Poland!


A book on mental resilience for children and for parents a little bit too.

Here comes the third volume of a series addressed to children and parents to help to boost children’s self-esteem and mental resilience. The books teach how to deal with difficult emotions, build relationships with peers, and acquire a sense of identity.

Don’t silence, underestimate or ignore children, just make them feel IMPORTANT. Make sure that their issues, emotions, and experiences are not lost in the race course of a hectic life.

Pink is a little blue creature. He loves his friends, banana cupcakes and playing the ukulele. He does not like milk skin and Fiszka, and also when someone lies to him. He also does not like performing in public. It stresses him a lot.

What STRESSES you?

What are you sometimes afraid of?

You know, it’s perfectly normal to have difficult moments in life. It is OK to feel fear and stomach ache when you think about the upcoming challenges. Sometimes we are sad and sometimes we burst into anger like a volcano.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this.

Help Pink to find the courage and learn to deal with adversities!