Text: Jarosław Mikołajewski

Illustrations: Dorota Łoskot-Cichocka



32  pages


24 x  30 cm



Inscribed on the Treasury List of the Children’s Book Museum


Kate has a friend, Misterjames. Misterjames has a friend, Mistermountain. Misterjames and Mistermountain must go away.

The girl enjoys the company of her elderly neighbor. They have their own rituals, they sit together on a blue bench to feed the pigeons and talk about life.

One day, however, she realizes that Misterjames looks different.

Some time passes and Kate notices more small changes in him. Kate’s mother explains to her that Misterjames was in the hospital because he was sick. The girl, like every child, tries to understand everything her way.

When the man suddenly disappears, Kate’s parents seem very sad, but she knows the secret of Misterjames. She knows that he has set off on a long and interesting journey.

The old man doesn’t allow the girl to grieve and keeps until the end good humor and serenity.

He justifies his trembling hands, a patch on his forehead, or injection marks. He gives the impression of a joyful so Kate can remember him this way.

Misterjames entertains Kate with tales to cheer her up. The girl guesses the truth, but at the same time, she believes in her friend’s words, balancing between reality and fiction.

This is a story about a beautiful friendship between a little girl and an old man. About death, shown as going on a wonderful adventure. It’s a deceptively simple story that eases the cruel reality of death and makes the pain seem less.