Text: Barbara Supeł

Illustrations: Agata Dobkowska



48 pages


20,5 x 25,5 cm






This is Frances. She shows her age with her fingers – five. She also has a bunk bed and an older brother Richie. And a sister Angelina but she’s a baby, so she sleeps in one room with mum and dad. Frances goes to kindergarten (provided her snot is not green).

The author shows life in a large family, where children learn something from each other and do not just quarrel and try to reconcile.

Each book has a leading theme developed in three stories, interrupted by a table of questions, where Frances wonders what she would do in a specific situation.

For example, when she is on a holiday and meets a boy who doesn’t behave like any other children. He likes counting the most, he knows everything about dinosaurs while other things somehow occupy him less. It is not stated explicitly, but any adult will know that the child has the autism spectrum.

Frances is surprised at first, but after a while she comes up with the idea of playing with her new friend. Since he likes counting and dinosaurs, this is what she asks him about. After all, counting anything can be fun. The point is not that the world should always bend to our rules.

Finally, there are Frances’ Tips that summarize the chapters and advise children on how to behave in specific situations.