Text: Marta Szloser

Illustrations: Sylwia Tracz



120 pages


20 x 25 cm




With Scrumptious Greens!, children will discover the world of green fruit and veg as they’ve never seen it before!

This is a cookery book for kids that makes vegetables the stars of the show.

What do cabbage and gold have in common? Can you really send rocket into space? Where did the biggest courgette in the world come from? What does wasabi have to do with fire alarms? And why are some plants green?

You’ll find answers to these questions and many more in this quirky book about green fruit and vegetables. On top of that, it contains recipes for snacks, meals and drinks that will surprise your friends, family and even yourself. Welcome to the new face of greens!

Healthy doesn’t mean boring!

Michael and Clara are twins. Nobody has ever shown them the incredible flavours hidden inside green fruit and veg. Nobody has ever told them how to make sweets out of kiwi or crisps out of kale. Like many of their peers, their favourite foods are chocolate and crisps. Until now. When a friendly chef named Albert moves into their block of flats, these two fussy eaters are catapulted into the extraordinary world of… greens!

Now they want to share their discoveries with you, because they know that greens are full of good things and can also be delicious. In this book, you’ll read about Clara and Michael’s adventures with greens, you’ll try out experiments and discover fascinating facts about fruit and veg, as well as finding recipes for simple snacks, sweets and drinks – all with greens in pride of place. Let’s get cooking!

The perfect cookery book for children keen to discover new flavours, as well as for vegans, kids with allergies and fussy eaters!

We want our young readers to see food in all its diversity and as inspiration for a nutritious diet. Do you like sweets? Of course, everybody does! But now you can discover healthier versions of them. Treat your friends to a glass of gooseberry juice or some homemade oat cakes with pistachio cream! It’s easy-peasy! You can do it!