Text:  Małgorzata Roman – Zakrzewska

Illustrations:  Patrycja Pawlik



112 pages

20 x 25 cm





Lucy is curious, bright, and incredibly perceptive

She’s a charming four-year-old who defies all stereotypes. She loves to paint (even her clothes), she knows her mind and is endearingly sure of herself. She’s expressive, tender, and deeply empathetic. She’s a spirited little girl whose wit and irresistible charm leave a lasting impression. Lusia’s adventures will entertain younger readers while giving adults a healthy dose of perspective on topics we often consider all too important. She shows us how to see and love the world with childlike curiosity, sensitivity, and cheerfulness.

In these seven stories, Lucy takes her readers to the playground, for a picnic, to pick mushrooms, and much more. We make jam, swim in a lake, jump in puddles, climb trees, and have a great time with her family. We discover a world of adventure and family relationships seen through the eyes of a self-assured pre-schooler.

The perfect book for reading with children on holiday or at bedtime!