Text: Justyna Bednarek

Illustrations: Nika Jaworowska-Duchlińska



176 pages


20,8 x 14,7 cm



Do you have hens among your friends? Not? Well now it will change!

One turkey wanted to have children. However, fate was not kind to her, so enterprising Malwina took matters into her own hands (or rather wings). She hatch the stolen eggs and hid the chicks in a thick, rusty pipe. When the chickens grew up, she let them go into the big world …

Meet four seemingly ordinary hens: Augusta, Hildegarda, Bella and Janette, who one day jump on the rear bumper of Mr. and Mrs. Cucumber’s car. Who would have thought that it was with them that they would find their new home?

They will make friends  with the Cucumber’s three children, especially Wojtek, a boy with problems in establishing contacts, and they will ensure that the life of the family will never be the same again.

A charming, intelligent and funny story by the award-winning and adored by readers from many coutries Justyna Bednarek (the author of The Incledible Adventures of Socks best-selling series)