Text: Agnieszka Jucewicz

Illustrations: Marianna Sztyma


96 pages


26,5 x 21 cm




In a small town, the family of Humans lived, namely Mom, Dad, and five exceptional children: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, and Fear. Each of them was completely different and each was equally loved…

Joy was happy all the time, Anger was very spontaneous, Sadness fell into melancholy, Disgust was a go-getter and he knew very well what he disliked. And Fear? Well … Dearest Fear was the most difficult for the parents to understand. They had no idea how to reach this timid and secretive child.

“A Tale about Fear” originated from helplessness, but also from a belief that to understand fear we must find our way through words and, consequently, take away some of his power from it. It is a fairy tale for all the little people who are bugged by monsters under the bed and who get goosebumps by any noise on the staircase. It is also a story for adults –those who do not like fear or even are afraid of it and those who know it all too well but do not have the words to talk about it. It is an incentive for all of us to take Fear out of our closets because it is just like any other feeling. And there is nothing to be afraid of.