Text: Agnieszka Dąbrowska

Illustrations: Marta Krzywicka


228 pages


20 x 13 cm




The film adaptation of this book was at the end of July the world’s most popular non-English-language title available on Netflix. It jumped to the Top 10 ranking in 38 local markets!!! The book’s author was the screen writer of the film.




A funny story about growing up, great passion, and the power of friendship. Also, an inspiring story about the most important things in life!

It shows how one day children grow up, all with humour and a dose of truth. It provides insight into human lives from a different perspective and allows us to make friends with what was seemingly alien, distant, and unwanted.

Agnieszka Dąbrowska has not created unreal worlds inhabited by imaginary characters. Instead, she has invited young readers to meet their peers and spend a few summer months with them.

Who, in their teens or early twenties, would want their mother to go to the hospital for a check-up, or maybe something more? Nobody! And who would like to be in the temporary care of a lunatic aunt who uses a rope to suspend herself from the ceiling, sporting aviator goggles, and who is crazy about healthy food and exercise?

And yet all this happened to Waldek, the apple of his mother’s eye, who loves eating rather unhealthy things, considers PE classes a form of torture and has a strong opinion of aunt Mariolka.

It is early summer; after losing a gaming tournament, Waldek and Staszek, the pillars of the Three Kings, abandoned by the third team member, are preparing for a big tournament. First and foremost, they are looking for a new player and it is not the only obstacle the main protagonist needs to face.

His mother’s illness (about which he finds out by accident), his first crush and a huge disappointment, and a sense of being betrayed by a friend are all the challenges he has to rise to. Top it with a loony aunt whose temporary reign over Waldek’s home and life brings about unexpected changes, not least to the interior design…

It is a true story or one that is happening near us, magnifying the many problems we face on a daily basis. An interesting story, a fast-paced plot, and the protagonist’s funny adventures are elements of a compelling story of empathy and optimism. Entertaining and moving, the book also forces the readers to ponder the most important things in life, providing great opportunities for good conversations with growing children.

The main character is really likable; he thinks of himself as an e-athlete but in real life, he cannot make a cup of tea.