Text & Illustrations:  Sylwia Krachulec


All ages

80 pages


18 x 20 cm


 Rights sold: Korean, Chinese simplified, Chinese complex


Selected as one of the 25 best books of 2022 by The Chen Bochui Children’s Literature Awards – a major award issued in China, with the aim of promoting excellence in children’s publishing and cultural diversity. 


This book is a universal graphic story about discovering joy in everyday life and… in ourselves. And also about cultivating gratitude that makes life better. It shows our life is made by moments that are often overlooked in the daily routine. It is worth appreciating them and ourselves.

We recommend reading this beautiful book with children and celebrating small pleasures together.

„Enjoy!” is the answer to today’s rush. It is like an introduction to mindfulness training or a brief instruction for the good life for happiness seekers.