Text: Mikołaj Pasiński

Illustrations: Gosia Herba




36 pages


24,7 x 30 cm

(HarperCollins Kids)



Leo and Kimbo are best buddies. Despite living on two opposite sides of the city, they meet almost daily.

One day, each of them leaves home, wanting to surprise their friend. However, this time nothing is going as planned. Their paths get tangled and lead to new, unknown places. The city takes them on an adventure. Will they manage to meet?

„No one is home” is a simple, unpretentious story of friendship; a eulogy for spontaneity, gaiety, and openness to new experiences.

The newest book from an award-winning illustrator Gosia Herba and a writer Mikołaj Pa, authors of several books for children, combines a charming story with elements of search-and-find and invites little readers to be active while reliving the stories of two lovable characters.