Text & Illustrations:  Maria Strzelecka




56 pages


23 x 30  cm



Selected for The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf 2023



Nikifor Krynicki  is considered to be one of the world’s finest naïve (primitive) painters. Born in 1895, he died in 1968 in Krynica. He was was Lemko on his mother’s side, and his father was Polish.                             

The book tells about Nikifor from the perspective of his work, divided into colors – individual chapters.



Each color corresponds to an important topic related to the artist, and it is presented both literary and graphically.For example, green is his landscapes, blue is Krynica, the town he was inseparably connected with, purple symbolizes the seals on his works and his signatures that were very important for Nikifor, white is the color of his dog – Hałko, brown is his childhood and black describes his loneliness.

In addition to illustrations depicting the text, the book also includes reproductions of Nikifor’s amazing works.