Text: Christopher Siemieński

Ilustrations: Martin Siemieński



184- 192  pages


17 x 24,5 cm

(Poradnia K)



Vol.1  The food conspiracy

Vol.2 The Environmental Scandal

 Vol.3 Online Crimes


A suspenseful, page-turner, detective series that will appeal to readers of all ages!

The “environmental scandal” begins with the mysterious disappearance of Mrs. Wisent. When Detective Parma finds a hidden flash drive,  her sensitive pig ears and her assistant’s rat nose connect the facts – the tests carried out show that the cars of the Auto Moto Junk company exceed the limit of nitrogen oxide emissions by 40 times, there is smog over the city, and Mrs. Wisent is an employee of the Envirolab laboratory, which made the unfavorable test for the car manufacturer. Everything is clear. It was a kidnapping!

For Parma, closing the case of air polluters is not the end of the fight for a clean environment. She and Parma know that the game has just begun…

Is smog more dangerous than a dragon? What happens to used plastic? And is recycling just a difficult word?

This time, the story is focused on issues related to environmental protection and the impact of pollution on life on Earth.

Inspector Parma combines an adventure-detective campaign with environmental education.




There is a city out there like no other. A city that values natural food above anything else. Its citizens have sworn to fight to keep their healthy eating habits in a time when it has all but vanished in nearby cities such as McBurgerville and Corndogopolis.

Until now, local authorities of Blueberryville have managed to protect the city’s food from the deluge of artificial additives. And it hasn’t been an easy task when there are so many insidious forces lying in wait…

Fortunately, Blueberryville has its brave defenders. Inspector Parma and her faithful assistant Snoop start an investigation and set out to help their neighbors who are threatened by a suspicious substance. What role does the demonic Doctor Poison play in this story, and what are the criminals’ intentions?

Thanks to the investigation, we will find out a lot about artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, bread leavers, and why food sometimes only looks like food…

The author masterfully incorporates into a classic style detective story a competent knowledge about healthy and conscious nutrition.

But reading makes you get to know and ponder different views on the same problem, in order to find an optimal solution for everyone at the end.





Someone wants to destroy the power plant in Blueberryville . The blackmailers are demanding a 100 million ransom. The city is threatened with paralysis, and its inhabitants, mesmerized, deposit money into an unknown account. Inspector Parma and her assistant Snoop must save their city and the whole country from an unknown enemy. Or maybe that enemy is the internet? Maybe new technologies are really bad and turn us into smartphone zombies?

The third investigation of the harmonious detective duo again concerns important cases. After healthy eating and ecology, Parma and Snoop will learn about the pros and cons of new technologies and social media that can be used for evil and even criminal purposes.