Text: Ewa Solarz

Illustrations: 25 illustrators




112 pages


21,5 x 19,5 cm



Design is everywhere!

Have you ever thought about how the things we have around us came about?
Who decided how they should work, what should they be made of and what should they look like? Who designed them?

Because this is what design is all about, i.e. design.

And everything is designed: very small things, like a paper clip, and very big things, like an airplane; both ordinary, like a bucket, and elegant, like perfume; and things to wear like sneakers and to eat like candy. All! You will see 100 things in the primer, look for thousands of others around you. Our book was also designed.

25 illustrators prepared four drawings, each of them came up with different ideas. Then the graphic designer designed how to put it all together nicely and functionally. Next to the pictures, you will find information about the authors of the illustrations and the creators of the things they represent. Enjoy watching and discovering the ubiquity of design!