Text: Justyna Bednarek

Illustrations: Magdalena Kozieł-Nowak




88 pages


19 x 23 cm




Furious Jaromir of Arkona hunts down beasts, i.e. dragons. He has already managed to locate three of them. Now he just needs to catch them!

Meanwhile, dragons (Mrs. Merdone, Mrs. Brombone, and Saucisette – social, gentle creatures) befriended the witch Świętosława, who surrounds them with her magical protection. They don’t feel like fighting some Jaromir at all! They can run away – Świętosława opens a corridor of time for them … The dragons shrink, and the scales that cover them turn into… hair!

Drag … dogs abandoned in the forest are found by the Marchewka family. Now Merda, Bromba and Kiełbaska have to cope in a completely non-dragonly manner.

No more fairy tales for children! Justyna Bednarek is dealing with superstitions regarding legendary dragons. She discovers unknown facts from the life of a basilisk, Skuba – a great friend of animals, or Saint George, who … fought, let’s face it – certainly not with a dragon.

She also introduces us to Houndragons, an unknown generation of ancient reptiles. In this volume of adventures, they will lead their persecutors through the tunnel of time and try to find themselves in the present day. How will they cope?

Oh, and after reading this book you will be sure that the dragons are NOT extinct.