Text: Agata Romaniuk

Illustrations: Malwina Hajduk




128 pages


165 x 21,5 cm





The illustrator is a finalist for The Illustrators Exhibition 2022 held during Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

 Nomination for The Bestsellers 2021 by EMPIK (the largest Polish bookstore chain)


THE CAT SQUAD, once a feline criminal group and the main suspects in the cases, are now modern detectives from Cieszyn.

They use the cat’s Internet to solve puzzles, searching CatTube and Catstagram.
They live in a very pleasant basement, are no longer interested in crimes, and prefer to deal with crimes from the theoretical point of view (especially as they are regularly pampered by one of the tenement’s residents). However, the criminal past of the cat group will prove invaluable in the investigation that will lead the moustachioed detectives to discover who is really behind the mysterious developments in the city.



Vol.1 CAT SQUAD and the mystery of the herring’s disappearance.

A banquet is being prepared in the town hall in Cieszyn, and its attraction is to be the herring sandwiches famous all over the city. Meanwhile, there is a break-in in the fish shop on Głęboka Street. All herring disappear … Commissioner Ludwik Psota and policewoman Walerka Koczy immediately enter the action to solve the mystery and catch the criminal. The case is not simple. Unfortunately, they still come across false leads, which are additionally hampered by the lack of obvious traces at the crime scene. Only Cat Squad, led by Commando himself, a former officer of the cat special forces, can help. Can they find the thief and save the town hall party?



Vol.2 CAT SQUAD and Pink Deer’s Ear

One warm April afternoon, an unknown subject breaks the ear of a pink deer that decorates the castle hill in Cieszyn.
Anatol Szalbot, the owner of a local cafe, is devastated. A deer statue has attracted crowds of his clients for years. Who was the scoundrel? Will the pink magnolias trail help to solve this mystery? Two members of the Cat Squad, Lola and Strawberry, are entrusted with the investigation.



Vol.3 CAT SQUAD and Bridge Robbery

Winter has come in Cieszyn. The postman, Maurycy Moiczek, stands on the bridge over the Olza River and admires the ice floes. Suddenly he feels a blow. Someone overturns his bicycle and rips off his bag of letters. The aspirant Walerka Koczy knows that the matter is delicate. The attack happened on the Polish-Czech border. The Cat Squad and the Czech cat Maly Jižik are called to help in the investigation. The questions keep multiplying. Why was only one letter missing from the bag? Who was interested in it? And will it be possible to recover it before the upcoming Christmas Eve?


Vol.4 CAT SQUAD and Ghosts in the Theatre

A crowd has gathered at the theatre for the premiere. The play with the wonderful Helena Černá in the lead role begins. Suddenly, to the horror of the audience, the stage begins to move and the Czech actress falls down the stairs with a scream. Cat Morpheus has no doubts – this could not have been an accident. Who set the mechanism in motion, leading to the mishap, and why? Is it ghosts, as the theatre manager claims? And what do the talkative parakeets Pola and Tola have to say about it? This mystery can only be solved by the Cat Squad – a group of experienced detectives who are not afraid of any criminal challenges

Vol.5 CAT SQUAD and Gingerbread Forgers

The Cat Squad is getting ready for another investigation! This time they set off for Toruń, a city full of mysteries, where an audacious gang of gingerbread forgers is on the prowl.

Retired cat police commissioner Bibi Lolo has no illusions – his career is over. He lacks the strength to chase thieves around the dark corners of the city and to lurk on rooftops. But when a gang of daring gingerbread forgers prowls the city, Bibi Lolo starts investigating. He is helped by the famous Cat Squad, detectives who are not afraid of any criminal mystery. Will the cats manage to track down the criminals and save the best gingerbread in the world?