Text: UrszulaMłodnicka-Kornaś

Illustrations: Agnieszka Waligóra



136 pages


22,8 x 20,5 cm


Rights sold: Slovak

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„You are important, Pink” and „You are a real Friend, Pink” are the two first volumes of a series addressed to children and parents and help strengthen the youngest’s self-esteem and mental resilience. They teach how to deal with difficult emotions, build relationships with peers, and have a sense of identity.

Don’t silence, underestimate or ignore, just make children feel IMPORTANT. So their issues, emotions, and experiences wouldn’t be lost in the daily race.

It is great preparation for the start of adulthood.

„Hi, I’m Pink!”
„Hi, Pink. Who you are?”
„I do not know.”
„How you don`t know? Take a moment.”
„I’m just like everyone else.”
„No, you are unique.”

You’re unique too, you know? Each of us is. There is no one like you anywhere in the world. That is why you are so unique. Which doesn’t mean perfect. You have qualities and defects. Each of us has them. They build us. They make us valuable as we are. So is Pink – your new friend.

Pink is a small creature that keeps growing. He is a bit shy and is not always sure if what he thinks and feels is right. He is afraid of his weaknesses because he doesn’t know yet that he should accept them. He wonders if he is as important as the others. He watches himself and tries to make friends with himself.

Help Pink believe in himself, and then he will help you do the same!


Pink has three friends: Bingo, Leo, and Lulka. They spend time together, play together, and invite each other to sleepovers. So far they haven’t thought why, but that’s just how it is – they are important to each other and they show it to themselves in many different ways.

Because a friend is just someone important to you, who is interested in you, who knows what you like and don’t like, and with whom you can be yourself. Who tells you about himself and listens carefully when you talk. It’s someone who cares for you. And who you care about.

Help Pink discover what friendship is and let him be your friend!