Text & Illustrations:  Dominika Czerniak-Chojnacka



20 pages

Boardbook, accordion

19 x 18 cm




The illustrator is a finalist for The Illustrators Exhibition 2022 held during Bologna Children’s Book Fair.


A book for children in the form of a leporello. Brass band members march through the city. Each character is unique! Men and women differ in height, hairstyle, beauty, and colorful clothing. Each of the band members carries their favorite instrument. From each instrument comes a sound: hoo, hoo, boom, boom, bang, etc. It turns out that not only the instruments make interesting sounds. The whole town is full of sounds! 

Bold outlines of illustrations, lots of details, bright colors, a variety of lines and characters, a sense of humor, and onomatopoeic expressions guarantee great fun. Woo, woo! What a book!