Text: Przemek Wechterowicz

Illustrations: Bartosz Minkiewicz



32 pages


26 x 26cm


Rights sold: German, French, Italian


One fine day, a dog named Cat meta a cat named Dog.
“I am looking for a friend. He is a dog called Dog. Do you know him?”

The cat named Dog answered:
“I do not, but let’s ask a friend of mine.”

The cat named Dog’s friend was a cat named Hare.
The dog named Cat said to him:
“I am looking for a friend. He is a dog named Dog. Do you know him?”

“No, I don’t” the cat named Hare answered.
“But I will help you look.”

Soon enough, the dog named Cat, the cat named Dog, and the cat named Hare met a hare named Cat.
“I’m a dog named Cat, and this here is a cat named Dog and a cat named Hare. We are looking for a dog named Dog. Perhaps you know him?”

“I don’t” the hare named Cat answered, “But I do know of others who might know.”

Are you curious, if the dog named Cat found his friend?