Text: Alicja Grudzień

Illustration: Piotr Fąfrowicz



28 pages


21 x 26 cm





Does the book have a soul?

Have you ever wondered what the process of creating a book looks like?

A surprising, unusual story that begins in the woods and ends in New York. Written by an 11-year-old author, winner of a short story competition organized by the Olga Tokarczuk Foundation.

The narrator of this story, a fir would like to be special. But how to be special in a forest full of trees?

One day, the tree is transported to the factory, where it is cut into smaller pieces, and then taken to a chipper, divided into even smaller pieces, and mixed with sawdust from other trees. then the mixture is poured into a tank full of water to be soaked. This process turns out to be very pleasant for fir, because it can take the form that suits it. After some time, however, the water is drained and the pulp is pressed and impregnated.

And what happens next?

What how it will become a bestselling book?