Text: Barbara Pietruszczak

Illustrations: Anna Rudak




208 pages


21 x 15 cm


Rights sold: German, English, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Catalan


After the great success of Your Body-Positive Puberty Guide for Girls, it’s time for a book for Boys!



Body positivity is most often presented in the context of women and girls. They are the ones affected by the “beauty obsession” culture most strongly. But during adolescence, boys also cut themselves off mentally from their bodies.

Why do boys need body positivity?

– so they can better understand their body (and the changes associated with puberty),

– to build a positive relationship with the body (based on mindfulness),

– to see how emotions „speak” through the body,

– to resist the pressure of social media (which also applies to boys),

– to become aware that each body is different, every person is different, and that no one scheme can fit everyone. And everyone has the right to be the way they want to be!

This book aims to give them a tool full of knowledge and tenderness that will make their puberty easier!