Text: Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo

Illustrations:  Marianna Sztyma



72 pages


21 x 27,5 cm


Rights sold: Swedish


It is difficult to talk to children about inevitability, death, illness, about what seems completely pointless, sometimes even unfair. It’s hard to talk to them about what is happening to a person who needs to face it. About emotions, the most difficult ones, which are often referred to as “bad” – and yet they are natural.

This beautiful fairy tale allows pictures to speak.

It allows you to name things directly, bypassing the rationalization process. He gives us magic tools.

Together with its protagonist, we get to know many emotions that the boy experiences in his struggle with the River of Sorrow, the Raging Forest, and the Abyss of Despair. The boy becomes very close to the reader. Sometimes he wants to be alone, he is depressed, and he doesn’t want to talk to anyone, to laugh or hug a lot.

The story gives us time to remain silent and observe the world from non-obvious perspectives, as well as discover and experience it on our own.

The author gives us a magic tool, a beautiful story that familiarises us with the most difficult emotions, often carefully concealed.