Text: Paweł F.Majka

Illustrations:  Katarzyna Walentynowicz




34 pages


20 x 20 cm





I’m Panther Adele, it’s nice to see you! I belong to ECO- GANG. Maybe you would like to join us? Come on, it’ll be great!

We are a group of friends with very different talents and preferences. Big and small. Grumpy and always cheerful. Clever, smart, and brave! We have one thing in common – we are crazy about the environment. I bet you are too! In this book, we will tell you about our ecological habits. About things, we do in our homes, hollows, and burrows to make life more pleasant. Because ecology is simple, consists of everyday activities. You don’t have to go to the end of the world to take care of the PLANET!

For example, a water tap. It’s good when it’s closed. If its nose is constantly dripping – it’s bad. Because the water that flows from it is the same that flows in rivers and fills the lakes. All over the world! Our water tap and we are part of a grand cycle. You are part of it too! You just need to look around to see more of these relations. We’ll tell you about some of them in this book.

In a moment you will meet the rest of our gang. Speaking between us – everyone wanted to be on the cover. We had to draw lots! I was lucky. We’ll have more adventures.