Text & Illustrations: Józef Wilkoń 




44 pages


20 x 24 cm

(Hokus Pokus)

 English translation available!


There was an electron who loved riddles. He had the talent of an inventor and the energy of a rock musician. In addition, he got along very well with grandfather Cybernet and grandma Informatica…

This original book connects generations and passions. It also shows the modern face of an excellent illustrator who, like Elektron, is not afraid of technological innovations and loves good music. The illustrations for „Rebel Electron” were made on the tablet.

Józef Wilkoń is a great Polish artist – active as a painter, sculptor, stage designer, and book illustrator. He illustrated and designed over a hundred books for children and adults published in Poland and over sixty published abroad. The books with his illustrations have been translated into over twenty languages.