Text & Illustrations: Józef Wilkoń



32 pages


20 x 20 cm

(Hokus Pokus)

 English translation available!


Cats in books is a very grateful topic. Józef Wilkoń, a great lover of animals, created a cat’s lullaby with small children in mind, but it will surely appeal to all cat lovers.

A little but very absorbing cat makes a mess – he wants to catch a mouse, a frog, hunt a dragonfly, and a sitting hen. He even tries to attack a dog and his own little brother.

Finally, the day goes by and the tired cat is trying to fall asleep. At this moment the book turns into more stirring spirits.

Józef Wilkoń is a great Polish artist – active as a painter, sculptor, stage designer, and book illustrator. He illustrated and designed over a hundred books for children and adults published in Poland and over sixty published abroad. The books with his illustrations have been translated into over twenty languages.