Text: Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało

Illustrations: Agnieszka Kożuchowska




56 pages


20 x 21,5 cm

(Hokus Pokus)



 Literary Award 2019 by IBBY Polish Section


A unique book that tries to name and describe a process as ambiguous, turbulent, and flickering as puberty.

Is it a line or a point? Is it beautiful or ugly? Is it pleasant, sweet, and uplifting, or nasty, sticky, and destructive?

A wonderful language that builds an atmosphere of special tension and a carefree holiday at the same time. The author only sketches moments, but masterfully captures their carnality and delicate spirituality.

It’s summer, the city is full of smells, flies buzzing during the day, moths hitting the lights at night.

There are Adela and her friends, Franek and Julek, fascinated with her from the beginning … What will this summer bring?

Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało seduces with its language. She’s telling an ordinary story of an ordinary girl, magically leads us astray, to the fringes of our memories, feelings, long-extinguished joys, and desires.
The sensual illustrations created by Agnieszka complement the text.

Adela. Not a child, not a woman, not a lady, not a teenager, not Lolita – just everything mixed up.