Text: Małgorzata Kur

Illustrations:  Małgorzata Kwapińska



80 pages


22,7 x 29,7 cm

(Kocur Bury)

Rights sold: China



„23 Things More Important Than Animals. Catalog from A to Z” is a book that encourages environmental awareness and taking responsibility for our choices. It shows the youngest children that the Earth with its flora and fauna is not given to us forever – its fate will depend on the careful care of future generations.

Hardly anyone realizes that in the last fifty years 60% of wild animals have become extinct, and hundreds more species are on the verge of extinction, mostly through human fault. Unfortunately, many trivial things are more important to humans than animals: bizarre dishes of questionable taste, trinkets that gather dust on shelves, items of clothing that go out of style after a year. This book describes the amazing, intelligent, family animals that have become the prey of man. You have to decide for yourself what is more important to you and the Earth: palm oil or orangutans? Earrings or tortoiseshell? Hamburgers or sloths?