Text & Illustrations: Marta Kopyt




76 pages


15 x 19 cm

(Druga Noga)



‘It’s not fair that we can sleep in a camper van in a fairy tale, while in real life, we have to sleep in these boring beds’.

And Monkey added: ‘And even what’s more unfair is that in a fairy tale, we can sleep on a sailboat, and in reality, we can’t…’

Then Mum said: ‘But, what are you talking about?! We can sleep anywhere we want.

Two brothers–Space and Monkey–really don’t like going to sleep. The beds seem so boring. It’s different from sleeping outside! That’s quite an adventure!!!

Where Are We Sleeping Today? is a collection of 12 stories, each one happening in a different place. A sleepover in an igloo, a tipi, a train, or in a self-built base is a great adventure. Of course, pajamas and a favorite toy are not enough to spend the whole night in a tent, sailboat, camper van, or under the stars. For sleeping outside, you have to prepare properly just like for a big trip. And that is just as awesome!


The idea for this book, which was born before the pandemic, is more relevant today than we anticipated.