Text & Illustrations:  Tomasz Samojlik



112 pages


24 x 25 cm

(Kultura Gniewu)

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Rights available worldwide, except English-speaking territories.


It is 1919. Poland has barely regained its independence, and with it – the Białowieża Forest. One of the most outstanding Polish naturalists – Professor Władysław Szafer – arrives there and finds a gloomy picture: burned villages, devastated forests, and the last bison that died at the hand of a poacher …

But is it really the last one? After all, one small bison survived, which not only has no name yet but also knows little about independent living in the forest. In search of other bison, he goes to the legendary Heart of the Forest. He does not even guess what an important role he will play in the game, the stakes of which are the fate of the Forest …