Text & Illustrations:  Tomasz Samojlik



23 pages


15 x 21,5 cm

(Tomasz Samojlik)


 English translation sample available!



The wolves are great!!!!











Even though we know too much about them, wolves are still a species surrounded by many superstitions, half-truths, and nonsense. It is a pity because wolves are amazing animals and anyone who decides to get to know them better will be fascinated by them.

„Wolf’s Heart” is a humorous comic book about a not so humorous matter, which is the constant functioning of nineteenth-century stereotypes about wolves taken straight from „Little Red Riding Hood”.



What if wolves were afraid of people if wolf parents read the fairy tale about the Little Green Riding Hood to their children as a bedtime story and the appearance of human traces in the forest would cause an immediate demand to „take care of the problem”?