Text: Tomasz Kowalczyk

Illustrations: Justyna Styszyńska




100 pages


20,5 x 29 cm












A double-sided, double-cover, richly illustrated album for nature and long-distance journeys lovers as well as for those who like to know more.

We all know the desert is hot! Nut sometimes you can get really cold there. How it’s possible?
Imagine someone taking all the water from the Earth’s surface and pouring it into a large glass. Then he takes half a tablespoon of water from that glass. What is in this spoon is all the fresh water on Earth – lakes, rivers, swamps, groundwater, glaciers, snow. All that is left in the glass, is saltwater – seas and oceans, which is called the world ocean.

Do you know how many fantastic animals you can meet in it?

Full of fantastic information and curiosities, the book unveils the secrets of the ocean and desert areas. A compendium of knowledge about water and desert as well as their fauna and flora.