Text:  Marcin Kozioł

Illustrations:Mariusz Andryszczyk



240 pages


15 x 21


Interactive features:
360-degree photos, virtual walks, maps, and films



A series for young Discoverers and Travelers!!!



Vol. 1 Max Wombat and the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon [Buthan]

His friends call him Max. That’s because the maximum is how he does everything. Well, sometimes he overdoes it a bit. He dug a tunnel so long that even the oldest wombats were surprised. And it was so deep that he crossed the ocean without getting his fur wet. Max went out in the Himalayas, the highest mountain in the world.

Max learns that His Majesty the Dragon (the real name of the ruler of Bhutan, but neither Wombat nor the Reader know that this dragon doesn’t look like fairy-tale dragons) has a recipe for happiness. Wombat sets out to find a ruler and his secret, to share it with the inhabitants of his native Australia. He travels through the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon, discovering the extraordinary culture of this Himalayan country.



Vol.2 Max Wombat and the Mission the mission to the Top of the World [Nepal]

His journey didn’t end there. Max travels around Nepal to finally help animals during the earthquake (the events of 2015 were the inspiration for this story).



Vol.3 Max Wombat and the Familly in Trouble [China]

So much has happened since Max left home. He didn’t plan such a trip. And he didn’t inform anyone about it. His family is probably worried about him now.  Max reaches China, where he and his brother Klops set off to save his sister Malinka, kidnapped by animal traders; the action takes place near Beijing, the Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, in Shanghai, then moves to Hong Kong and Macao. You can find a board game at the end of the book and playing cards with Wombats.