Text:  Emilia Becker

Illustrations: Małgorzata Kwapińska



156 pages


17,8 x 24,1

(Kocur Bury)




Ten-year-old Marcel grows up in a modern family. He has busy, ambitious parents. The boy’s every day is carefully planned so that no moment is lost. But his life lacks spontaneity and joy.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, he spends the last two weeks of vacation with his grandfather.

Although it’s difficult for them to get along. A retired university professor doesn’t really know how to spend time with his grandson, what to talk about. He suggests that the boy choose a book from his extensive library. Marcel picks „In Search of Lost Time” by Proust because the author has the same name as his.

Suddenly, an envelope falls out of the book and it turn’s out to be a letter from grandma, addressed: „To Marcel and his grandfather.” Unexpectedly, it becomes the beginning of a certain game that will awaken memories and help the protagonists to get closer to each other. Will they find the lost time?

Everything changes. Broken ties are rebuilt, family relationships are repaired, friendship, trust, and closeness are born.