Text:  Anna Tyczyńska-Skowrońska

Illustrations:  Agata Dudek & Małgorzata Nowak



64 pages


24 x 33 cm


 Rights sold: Chinese simplified and complex, French, German, Croatian, Ukrainian,

Options: Spanish, Catalan, Russian


Nomination in the Most Beautiful Books of the Year 2021 competition by  The Polish Publishers’ Association

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We cannot live without it. We come into contact with it every day. It’s associated with the most beautiful and dangerous phenomena in nature.

What is water?

Where does it come from? What are its properties?

You’ll read about the influence of the seas and oceans on the climate or how to make electricity out of water.

You’ll discover the deepest place in the world and the ice desert.

You’ll see how people used water to travel and transport goods, and also how they have littered and poisoned it for years.

You’ll understand how you can take care of it yourself!