Text & Illustrations:  Tomasz Samojlik




128 pages


16,5 × 23,5 cm

(Kultura Gniewu)

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Rights available worldwide, except English-speaking territories.


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Award of the Polish Comics Association in the category „best screenwriter” for „The Shrew of Destiny”.




Shrews are small, busy, and always hungry mammals. They hunt almost constantly – they will not despise insects, earthworms, snails, or small fish.

Few people, however, know that shrews also happen to have chilling adventures.

Being a shrew is not easy. Dangers lurk everywhere: once, the ancient prophecy of doom is beginning to come true, the other day, the minks invade the peaceful Shrew Valley, or fire threatens the lives of all the inhabitants of the forest. And then comes Winter – a deadly season of the year for insectivorous and perpetually hungry mammals.

To make matters worse, a wimpy Dobrzyk, the worst candidate for a hero, turns out to be the Chosen One to save everyone. Together with a faithful team of daredevils, he must embark on an epic journey to accomplish epic deeds …

Intricate ecological processes with one of the most fascinating families of mammals in the lead, predictions of dubious efficiency, a lot of adventures, chases, and daring escapes!

You will find all this and much more in the bestselling The Shrew Saga, a fantasy series about the world of shrews and other forest animals!

The series includes:

1.The Shrew of Destiny

2. The Mink of Doom

3. The return of the Water Thrush

4. The Loos of the White-toothed Shrews

5. A tale from the Shrews Valley