Text:  Magdalena Kulus

Illustrations:  Marta Kurczewska



64 pages


17 x 24,4 cm


Rights sold: Latvia, Slovakia



It’s not worth judging someone in advance, because it’s easy to lose the opportunity for a new friendship.

One day, a little kitten – Sissy goes for a lonely walk, and then he cannot find his way home. Fortunately, he finds a nice family – Dorota and Maja spend their holidays at their grandfather’s, together with Igor, an assistance dog. Maja uses a wheelchair. Sissy makes friends with all the household members, and he is most attached to Igor, whom he treats like his father.

Then he goes with the girls to their home in the city, the problems begin, because Patch, the older cat, refuses to accept the presence of the kitten. He is so jealous of him that he finally decides to get rid of him. He asks for help from a gang of stray cats led by the Robber. During the walk, Sissy is chased from the yard, and he is unable to return home alone. However, when Patch sees the family’s grief caused by the disappearance of a little kitten, he is ashamed of his deed and, although he is very afraid, decides to bring the little one back.