Text: Renata Piątkowska

Illustrations: Magdalena Kozieł-Nowak



80 pages


17.2 x 22,7 cm


Rights sold: Russia

English translation sample available.


These are not fairy tales – these are real, touching stories about wonderful animals. Surprising, mysterious, just like cats.

You cannot fool the cat – if it feels you are a good person, it will come to you.

It will be friendly, patient until it calms the baby’s cry.

The cat knows that it needs to make the household members know of any gas leaks.

The cat will save himself and his children from the sinking ship in a way that a human wouldn’t even imagine.

The author shows different faces of cat’s love, attachment to people, and sympathy for other animals.

Cats are devoted mothers, these furry quadrupeds can soothe our nerves, console us, and cheer us up.

And sometimes cats deserve the title of a hero – like Maczek, who saved three people! They also have incredible intuition – as evidenced by the „work” of the Sergeant, a handsome tomcat from the London police station, who flawlessly recognized the intentions and character of the suspects and interrogated persons…