Text: Katarzyna Wasilkowska

Illustrations: Marta Kurczewska



62 pages

20,9 x 26,4 cm





This is a story about lies, the destructive power of rumors, and disobedience.

How easy it is to accuse someone of the worst, how to hurt someone by suspicion, but being „different” doesn’t mean „bad”.

The decent community of animals lives in beautiful and well-kept houses in the village near the forest. There, the life of the adults goes from gossip to gossip, they don’t like being different, and generally, they are focused on their adult businesses. But children are bored with monotony.

Until… Out of nowhere, a strange gentleman appears and settles in an abandoned hut in the middle of the forest. He doesn’t fit in the rural community in any way.

Tadziulek and Stasinek are very inventive little goats. For them, the mysterious stranger and the indignation of the inhabitants of the sleepy village are a harbinger of long-awaited entertainment, because it’s known that boredom, gossip, and mystery are a truly explosive mixture.

Who is the Wolf Baltazar? Will he confirm the bad reputation of his species with his behavior? And will Tadziulek and Stasinekk learn their lesson?